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Local biz owner aims for exceptional customer service

For over two years, Wellers Hill Australia Post owner Kenneth Chi has watched Krys Charalambous grow her fashion business from a few parcels a month to dozens every week.

“I love watching local small businesses grow,” Kenneth said. “Seeing the same people come in every week, especially when they come in more regularly, I know they are doing well.”

“Krys has been coming here for over two years, and it’s great to be part of helping someone build their business.

Krys’s eCommerce store Modella Clothing, which sells women’s comfortable, classic designs with a bit of boho-chic styling, has been around since 2014, but like many online businesses, has been through its ups and downs.

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Krys wanted Modella to be more than a side hustle

“When I first started, I didn’t know a lot about eCommerce. I was happy having Modella as a side hustle. But after several years of not growing, I decided it was time to invest in making it work,” Krys said.

After spending months revamping the site and relaunching, her sales have increased 500%.

“I finally got it right. And the support from Kenneth at the post office has been so important in making sure my customers are happy,” Krys said.

“It’s small tips that go so far. On Kenneth’s advice, I now add mobile phone numbers to my customers’ address details. And they instantly get their tracking information, before I even leave the post office.”

Kenneth said he loves helping small businesses understand how to use the services of the local Australia Post Office.

“I can guide growing eCommerce stores with how to pack their products, the best way to send, and answer their questions,” Kenneth said.

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“Seeing a business start from sending one parcel a week to 10 and more is exciting. The post office is so different to what it used to be; it’s no longer just about buying stamps.”

Krys said, “Ken is super helpful with tips like buying my postage bags in bulk, which saves me heaps of time and money.

“Besides that, he’s so efficient and fast, and it’s a pleasure to deal with him every day. And I love the fact that I’m supporting another local small biz; we help each other grow and thrive.”

Tips for startup eCommerce business owners

Kenneth said anyone thinking of starting an eCommerce business should consider these tips.

“Consider your core product. Those I have seen do well, like Krys, have spent time refining their product and who they sell to,” he said.

“Come and speak to the post office first, before setting your postage prices, to get advice on the best delivery options.

“Also spend time researching apps and other tools that will help with product sales.”

Free, fast shipping is integral to providing exceptional service

Krys adds, “As the owner of an online fashion boutique, fast, reliable shipping is essential to the success of my business.

“Most of my orders are sent using Australia Post’s express shipping. And from the fantastic feedback I get, my customers love it.

“Providing free express shipping is integral to delighting my customers with super prompt delivery. And this will help me build the Modella brand so it’s synonymous with providing the best online fashion service in Australia.”

But according to Krys, building a successful business doesn’t mean growing to a huge size. Read this article on why the plan is for Modella to stay small but mighty.

Guest post written by Annette Densham, The Audacious Agency.