Top 10 tips for online fashion shopping

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This month, our guest blogger Harriet from Name Jewellery, details her top 10 tips for online fashion shopping. Whether you are an online shopaholic or first-timer, we hope you find this post useful before your next online purchase.

I am not going to lie – I don’t always feel like  shopping. There is nothing worse than visiting a crowded shopping centre, stuck indoors with  a mass of busy shoppers. I just don’t have the patience, or the time.

Nowadays you can find just about any shop and product online – from big name brands, to small fashion labels. No more need to dress up, commute, and spend valuable time trawling around stores.

But before you all go spending your hard-earned money – let me share some secrets on how to save money and time when shopping online.

Tip 1: Know your measurements

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping measurements

The first place to start is knowing your measurements. That’s right – whip out the measuring tape, and check those labels on your best fitting outfits.

You need to know your measurements in order to take the guess work out of knowing if clothing or jewellery will fit when they arrive. We are sure you’ve all done it – waited weeks for the parcel to arrive, only to find that your new outfit, bracelet or ring,  just doesn’t fit.

When ordering clothing, use your measuring tape to note down your measurements for:

  • Bust (around fullest part)
  • Waist (around natural waistline)
  • Hips (20cm down from the natural waistline)
  • Thighs (around the largest part of upper thighs)

And of course sizes can vary depending on which part of the world you live. Use this helpful size guide that compares sizes by country.

For jewellery, you will want to note the best length for necklaces (check out this chain length guide) and you can use a ring size chart to help with ring selection.

Keep these measurements on your phone, so no matter where you are, so can quickly look them up before making an online purchase.

Tip 2: Research where to shop

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping research

Whether you love big name department stores or prefer small local boutiques , it pays to know where to shop. The internet is vast, and there is no shortage of online stores wanting you to be their next customer.

Do your research: word-of-mouth,  social media, online reviews, and good old Google search.

Ask friends – or even strangers – where they bought their items from. If you spot someone in the street wearing something you love, don’t be afraid to ask where they bought it from. They will love the compliment, and you will benefit from being able to find the item for yourself.

If you are stuck for ideas, simply Google search for the item you want – including a few specific details to help narrow the search – and browse through a few of the matching results. The more specific your search, to more likely the results will come up with exactly what you are looking for.

Remember ‘a picture says a thousand words’ so don’t forget to click on the images from your Google search for some great shopping list ideas.

Don’t be afraid to browse online stores you’ve never heard of before – you may just find your new favourite online store, or better prices than you have previously found.

Tip 3: Follow the stores’ social media

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping social media

There is no escaping social media – every retailer should have at least a few social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Instagram is a great way to see images of your chosen stores’ items. Like each store’s Facebook page to be a part of their community, and find out about any new product launches or Facebook promotions.

Stalk Pinterest, and pin some of your favourite items, so you don’t forget about them.

Tip 4: Sign up to newsletters

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping newsletter

Sign up to the newsletter of any stores you really like. Stores will generally send out monthly newsletters to subscribers. They may include new product releases, special member only offers, or perhaps even competitions to win freebies.

Sign up to as many newsletters as you want – you can always unsubscribe later if the emails are too frequent or if you aren’t interested anymore.

Tip 5: Keep a shopping list

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping list

I love my lists! I find they help keep my mind focused on what I really  need to buy, Plus shopping lists help ensure you don’t forget about the things you need to prioritise:  like a gift, a special occasion present,  or some basics like new work clothes or a statement accessory.

Keep a shopping list in your phone notes, or store your shopping list using an app. This ensures your list is always handy whenever you have a few spare minutes to jump online. Use social media accounts like Pinterest to make a pin board for any dream items, or shopping must-haves.

Bookmark websites you may want to check out later or shop from again. Bookmarking pages makes them easy to find later when you need them. There is nothing worse than coming across an item you love, and then not being able to locate it at a later date.

If you see pictures of items you love in magazines or offline, take a photo and add it to a shopping folder as a later reminder. Alternatively, find that product online, and add it to your favourite bookmarks.

Tip 6: Set a reminder for important dates

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping dates

If you are anything like me, I have a terrible memory for birthdays and important dates (yes I may have missed the occasional Mothers Day or anniversary, oops!). The best solution is to not only mark important dates in my phone’s calendar, but to also make a note a couple of months before certain dates as a reminder to start looking for a suitable gift.

Note that online stores will generally list their delivery times, and many do offer express shipping options for those urgent online buys. For personalised products, these can take a bit longer to arrive due to time needed to produce the item, but in general it is always advisable to leave plenty of time for your order to arrive.

Tip 7: Read reviews

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping reviews

Customer reviews are a quick way to research a store you have never used before.  The tone of the reviews can guide you on how trustworthy the store is, the level of customer service, and the quality of the products offered. Reviews are particularly important when shopping online – just to give you a little more confidence that you are using a reputable store.

You can generally find reviews on the online store’s website  – or on particular items within the store. Customers will also often share reviews on social media, or on other online review sites.

The store’s Facebook page is a great place to read customer comments and feedback, in order to gauge how reliable an online business is. The important thing is to look past the one or two negative comments or reviews –  find the common consensus, and as long as you can see a majority  number of positive reviews, you should also have a positive online shopping experience.

Tip 8: Don’t forget accessories

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping accessories

Accessories are a great way to style any outfit. If you have a limited budget,  why not shop for some key accessories to help restyle your current wardrobe. A new piece of jewellery, a handbag, shoes, or some new sunglasses, can help add a touch of style, often without the huge price tag.

A pair of high heels can take your look from casual to glam, and a statement piece of jewellery can add a unique touch to any outfit.

Jewellery also makes a great gift to buy online as a ‘one size fits all’ option. For necklaces, just decide exactly where you want the necklace to hang (do you want the necklace high on the collar bone, mid-length, or perhaps loose and long).  Handbags straps also vary depending on the look and often come with detachable straps.

Tip 9: Check your order details before buying

top10 tips for online fashion shopping orders

Take care when entering your order and payment details and double check that you have entered the correct information. An incorrect address, wrong order details, or incorrect sizing can result in either receiving the wrong item, or one that doesn’t fit, or your order can be sent to the wrong address.

Always be sure to reread your order details before paying and confirming your order.

When using an online store for the first time, check if you can pay using PayPal which gives you the confidence that your payment details are protected by a worldwide provider.

Tip 10: Buy local

top 10 tips for online fashion shopping buy local

Variety is the spice of life. Yes, the big name stores have the marketing budgets to advertise and raise awareness, but also consider the smaller boutique and customised stores. Often these less known businesses will offer better service and prices to compete with the big guys.

There are also online stores where you can customise your own shoes or jewellery – choosing your preferred style, colours, sizes, or with personalised wording or engraving. Custom items make a great unique fashion statement, and a thoughtful gift. Hopefully these top 10 tips for online fashion shopping will help you shop online efficiently, safely and successfully!

Be sure to follow us, like us, pin us, and subscribe for Name Jewellery and Modella Clothing new product arrivals, special member only offers, and exclusive giveaways. We are proud of our customer reviews, great prices, and our product quality guarantee.

Happy online shopping! x

Name Jewellery is an Australian-owned and operated online jewellery store, which specialises in personalised jewellery. They have a huge range of jewellery available – from personalised name necklaces (just like those made famous by Carrie in Sex & the City) and engraved baby feet necklaces; to gorgeous friendship bracelets, and infinity rings. Want to learn more about Name Jewellery? Read all about them here, and check out their most popular name jewellery products.

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