Teenage blogger Emma Gibson

Emma is a dynamo – she is strong, smart, opinionated…with a cheeky dash of rebel. On the one hand, she loves music, art and fashion, like many teenagers her age do. But then there is another side – she is entrepreneurial, business-savvy, ambitious. Emma has not only embraced social media, but she has combined it with her passions to help build her “brand”.

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After just one and a half years of starting her Instagram account @livingtransparentt, it now has a following of over 65,000 − well beyond expectations. With a sister blog: transparent-teen.blogspot.com.au to share more of her personal style, and a second Instagram account − are.you.mine – there is no rest for this very busy teenager.

Emma is not scared to say what she thinks (as raw as this is sometimes), to be unique and to stand out in a crowd. Her love of fashion started at just ten years of age. “Fast forward five years, and I’ve developed my own style that I love and I have a blog about fashion,” Emma says. “To me, fashion is a form of art. There are so many things you can say about an outfit, and to be able to style, that is something I love. “

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Then there’s the arty side of Emma, “I appreciate anything beautiful, and my favourite style of art is abstract.” Music is another passion, “I don’t think I’d be able to live without it. My favourite genres of music are punk and alternative.”

Emma’s talents have also morphed into a growing business – her graphic designs and artwork have been sold to diverse buyers and now appear everywhere – phone cases, shirts, even temporary tattoos! “I’ve also designed some shoes (soon to come out) with Y.R.U., an awesome shoe brand and I’m pretty proud of that.”

One of the highlights for Emma, is definitely the success of her Instagram account. The fact that so many people can connect over shared interests. “It is truly wonderful in that aspect, and probably why I’m so attached to my online world. I love talking to my internet friends!” But there is a downside, people can sometimes be quite rude and judgemental. “I wish that everyone online could be like they would be in real life and just spread good vibes.” And Emma’s advice for dealing with the haters? “The only thing to do is ignore, because you don’t need their approval to live your life.”

So how does juggling study, school, social media and other interests work? Emma admits that it can be a challenge at times, especially since her drawings and blog posts do take some time to create. Her parental guidance assists the situation, “Although it can be annoying, what helps me cope with school and my online activities is my parent’s policy of ‘half an hour’ of screen time only each night.” Even though this can be frustrating, she does admit that she is grateful for these boundaries. Any spare time is spent hanging out with friends, checking out YouTube and reading (a lot).

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So what does the future hold? “I really want to travel and then settle down. My dream job would be either an artist/graphic designer or a marine biologist. Science is an area I love as well as art, although I’m terrible at maths because of my abstract brain!”

Emma feels blessed to be given the opportunities that her online world has brought. The future looks bright − just goes to show that if you are smart and motivated, anything is possible. “And many teenagers I know are doing the same as I am.”

Photo Gallery

Here are some of Emma’s great styling shoots from Instagram accounts: @livingtransparentt and @are.you.one and from fashion blog: transparent-teen.blogspot.com.au. The photos below feature fashion items available from the Modella Clothing online store.

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