Let’s get positive with Hippiefashionx…

How can anyone not love the feel-good vibes that represent what the Hippiefashionx Instagram account is all about? And with over 215,000 followers from all over the world, this very popular account has grown far beyond all expectations.

As you learn more about the three teenage girls that run the account – Portia, Jade and Loz (photos below from left to right) – the common theme is very simple. To be happy and to spread positivity…and who can argue with that?

HippiefashionX Mar 2015

After buying her first iPad about four years ago, Portia was quickly drawn in by Instagram as she discovered the world of social media at the age of 12. Portia loved the app’s layout and whole concept of sharing, liking and commenting on images from all over the world – and it was so simple and accessible, she was hooked! After noticing other fashion-inspired accounts, Hippiefashionx was born and one of her good friends Jade, joined for the ride.

Image 8 Hippiefashionx

Plus Loz made three

As the account grew, Portia and Jade felt it was time to get another owner to help manage the account. Loz applied and was rejected first time around, but with a little persistence she came on board and the girls have never looked back. They are all great pals, even with the locality difference – Loz lives in New South Wales, while Portia and Jade are from Victoria.

Loz Imgage 10

All of the girls love running the account together. For Loz, “Being able to connect with such incredible and like-minded people is absolutely amazing. I have honestly met some of the most unique and inspiring people through this little social media portal.” For Portia and Jade, they love the idea of showing images that inspire them, to thousands of other people, and to see the reaction – the likes, the comments, the instant feedback.

Dealing with the bad stuff

But it’s not always smooth sailing, as popularity also attracts the wrong attention sometimes. The account has been hacked into several times over the years. On one occasion, the girls lost control for a whole day as the hacker posted photos pretending to be them! When asked the question of why someone would do such a thing, the hacker simply responded, “I just wanted to see what it would be like to post on a big account, I would have given it back.”

The girls have a healthy attitude to the negative comments that inevitably appear with such a big following. “We simply ignore this, as we know that by putting ourselves out there, there will always be our critics, but such is life.”

What else are the Hippiefashionx girls into?

The girls all appreciate that there are three account holders as it can be very difficult to juggle school work and instagramming, but they still manage to fit in other activities. All the girls love exploring the outdoors – either walking, jogging or playing sport. Jade enjoys yoga, while Portia and Loz share a love of photography and cooking. In particular, Portia recently turned vegetarian and enjoys creating new recipes and meal ideas. Portia also mentioned a quirky pastime – her obsession with sunsets! Loz also shared her adoration for The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds and the fact that she could binge-watch these shows for days!

Portia and Loz

What does the future hold?

As busy as they are, all of the girls are striving to do well in their studies and to secure a university placement. Portia wants to study in the UK and has recently signed up to a modelling agency, so all options are open at the moment. For Loz, a degree in Communications with majors in Journalism and International Studies is the plan (with an overseas trip to the UK, Turkey and Morocco top of her wish list!). While Jade has always had one career focus – medicine. “I have chosen what I aspire to be and I would love to be a paediatrician and work with children and babies on a daily basis and help them grow into healthy adults.”

Advice to other young Instagrammers?

“Our advice to others who have started, or thinking of starting an account, is to just post images that you love, spread happiness, and comment positive things on other people’s images. Put yourself out there, talk to people, interact on social media, and show that you want to spread your positive energy too.”

Photo Gallery

View some great pics below sourced from the Hippiefashionx Instagram account. The photographs feature fashion items available from the Modella Clothing online store.

Jade and Loz

Hippiefashionx flatlays

Image 4 Jade Pleat Denim Shorts & Zig Zag Top